13 Unexpected Uses for Dryer Sheets

Image Source: today.com

There’s nothing we love better than a home hack that gets you tons of use out of a simple household item. Who knew that the humble dryer sheet was good for so much more than soft, scented socks and sheets? Here are 13 new ways to use dryer sheets at home.

  1. Clean the baseboards
Image Source: southernsavers.com

Keeping baseboards dust-free is difficult, unless you know how to do it. Wiping your baseboards down with a dryer sheet keeps dust away longer.

  1. Turn your fan into an air freshener.

Clip a scented dryer sheet to the back of a box fan, or lay one over top of floor vents. As the air circulates, it’ll also have a gentle, pleasant fragrance.

  1. Clean crusty pots and pans

    Image Source: today.com

If you need to soak a pan with baked-on crud overnight, don’t forget to slip a dryer sheet in there, too. You’ll be astonished to find that it all comes off much easier.

  1. Pet hair removal

Don’t have a lint roller on hand? Sweep the area with a dryer sheet. This works especially well with hairs that get stuck to furniture thanks to static cling.

  1. Remove dust from screens

You can’t use just anything to wipe down the screen of your television, phone, or computer. Use a dry dryer sheet to remove and prevent dust from collecting.

  1. To brush your hair without static
Image Source: wellordie.com

This hack makes it easy to keep hair smooth when the air is super dry. You can stick the dryer sheet on the brush, or you can wipe errant hairs with a sheet when you’re done.

  1. Cleaning your iron

Warm your iron up on the lowest setting and then wipe away at scorch marks, starch buildup, or anything else that’s dirtying your appliance for a clean, shiny finish.

  1. Cleaning chrome
Image Source: efficientlifeskills.com

You can polish tire rims and other chrome details with dryer sheets. They’re also good at unsticking dead bugs from the grill of your car.            

  1. Freshen up stuffed animals

Not sure that stuffed animal is quite ready for a wash? Give it a few swipes with a dryer sheet for extra softness and a fresher smell.

  1. Remove water spots

Because many dryer sheets contain fragrance and petroleum, you may not want to do this with drinking glasses. Still, they can get water marks off of any glass furnishings you have on display.

  1. To repel insects
Image Source: thespruce.com

Depending on what kind of dryer sheets you use, you may be able to repel bugs. Some are good at warding off cockroaches, while a study using Bounce brand sheets found they repel gnats.

  1. For cleaner, sharper scissors
Image Source: bobvila.com

Get scissors a little sharper and a good measure cleaner by cutting through the fibers of a folded dryer sheet. It works just as well as tin foil, with added polish.

  1. To clean the dryer!

While you’re pulling out the laundry, use that dryer sheet to wipe away marks inside of the dryer from assorted pocket items or shoe soles.