15 Online Shopping Fails That Triggered Major Buyer’s Remorse

Online shopping is a sport for a lot of us. Poring over photos, combing user reviews, and comparing prices across several sites is the name of the game. And still, what actually comes in the mail is anyone’s guess.

Have you ever been suspicious of an item you’ve bought online? Well, you will be after you check out what some people, sadly, paid good money for. Here are 15 times online shopping went dreadfully, horribly wrong.

  1. As advertised, technically.
Image Source: amazon.com

What seemed to be a color-changing mug turned out to be an advertisement for a color changing mug…printed on a mug.

  1. Does this happen to men a lot?
Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Dad was probably too excited by the price to notice that he was shopping the kid’s sale.

  1. The operative word is “stuffed”.
Image Source: imgur.com

From now on, we may actually have to look for fine print that assures us that the stuffing is included.

  1. Would you say “I do” in this?
Image Source: imgur.com

The picture on the left doesn’t even hint at the seafoam-green trauma to come. This bride would be better off with almost anything else.

  1. Or this?
Image Source: yahoo.com

The entire point of buying the dress on the left was to enjoy that strategically-placed lace. The manufacturer decided to go with any old lace, and unnaturally round “modesty discs”.

  1. You could go deep sea diving in these jeans.
Image Source: twitter.com

It turns out that this happens even on popular, generally-trustworthy clothing sites. Someone better check that machine.

  1. You just have to fluff it up a bit.
Image Source: imgur.com

This Christmas tree is a little light on holiday cheer, but was probably a breeze to assemble.

  1. This is a joke, right?
Image Source: youtube.com

Proof that with a great attitude, you can improve anything – even an overpriced, cherry-red trash bag.

  1. At least the colors are right, more or less.
Image Source: pinterest.com

This dress would have been perfect for a summer wedding, but what came looks more like Grandma’s nightie.

  1. This is NOT red carpet ready.
Image Source: flare.com

No one can blame this recipient for being a little miffed that she won’t be emulating Blake Lively anytime soon.

  1. Autocorrect is at it again.
Image Source: imgur.com

It’s surely a delicious cake made by a true artist, but one word lost in translation basically ruins the whole thing.

  1. And she looks good in it, too.
Image Source: guff.com

If anyone’s cat is in the market for a crochet halter top, we’ve got great news for you.

  1. This definitely misses the mark.
Image Source: cosmopolitan.com

Even online flower delivery isn’t safe.

  1. ALWAYS check measurements.
Image Source: twitter.com

Believe it or not, people do buy tiny furniture for their dolls and hamsters. Remember that the next time you see an unbelievable price on what appears to be a full-size item.

  1. Adam has definitely been had.
Image Source: imgur.com

It would have been a great rug, we’re sure, but for now, Adam has a very fancy-looking patch of fabric on which to place his phone.